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The world is now a single place and the thanks go to internet. It has given you comfort for outsourcing your graphic needs at a reasonable prices. As an out sourcing firm Graphic Experts Intl (GEI) is ready to serve you 24 hours at 7 days. If you think of clipping path service you will feel us better than your house studio. We can assure you it is affordable and more convenient.

What is clipping path?

Clipping path is a close vector path sketching by using pen tools in an image editing software such as Illustrator, Photoshop or InDesign. Clipping path Service is mainly used to cut out images from their background. There may be different use of it likewise editing a certain part of the image, preparing an outline design, giving a special shape to an object etc.

Why clipping path?

At present, clipping path services has huge demand in the photo industry. Our main Clipping path service clients are professionals such as digital photographers, graphic designers, advertising agencies, website design houses and catalogue companies and others. You can save your valuable time, money as well as unnecessary headache by outsourcing our clipping path service. We are offering this service for background removal, photo retouching, photo editing, image manipulation and many other services to individuals and businesses throughout the world.

Clipping Path with Intricacy

Complexity is confidential as Simple Path, Super complex Path, Complex Path.

Clipping Path by Flatness

Flatness is nothing just adding evenness to photos having feather fuzzy stuff though developing Photoshop trail to show smooth advantage.


We ensure that each project is done manually while providing our clipping path service. We usually use Photoshop Pen Tool and not any automatic tools (like Magic Wand). We are expert at clipping path and there is no project beyond our ability. We work for numerous clipping paths for colour correction.

Actually, we do not bother about the size of your job. It may be hundreds or thousands we will give you professional solution within short span of time. Send us your requirements and we’ll send it back to you within one hour and then you can enjoy our services if you want.

The following are vital reasons why you must make us your first choice whenever you require clipping path service:
  • We offer the best rates.
  • Our rates can beat any other rates you can find anywhere else.
  • Fast Delivery (within 1 - 24 hours)
  • Usually we keep jobs up to about 250 images for 24-hour deadline. We may require additional time – approximately 48 hours for bigger jobs for larger file formats or more complex images. But smaller jobs are normally ready within 8 hours.
  • We are the Perfect experts!
  • We promise 100% quality and if you are not pleased then we will do again the job at no extra charge.
  • When you take our clipping path service you can be assured that your images are fully secured and cannot be sold or shared with third parties under any situation
Natural Shadow Effect to Advertised Product Photo
Reflection Shadow / Courtesy grabbing 3D result to Product photo

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